5 Solution Providers Placing Bets On 'Internet Of Things'

5 Solution Providers Placing Bets On 'Internet Of Things'


Sherlock Systems

Sherlock Systems may have kicked off its 27 years of business as a systems builder, but today the Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based company is seeing more and more growth from machine-to-machine communications.

Sherlock Systems President Dave Sallander said nearly 70 percent of the equipment shipped by Sherlock Systems today can communicate back to another device.

Sallander said Sherlock Systems' DNA in the machine-to-machine space traces back to the earlier days of RFID tags, which Sherlock Systems helped deploy for customers looking to do asset tracking or monitor products as they move through the supply chain. What's more, Sallander said Sherlock Systems' long history in the digital signage space has been a solid foundation for machine-to-machine deployments.