Network Allies and Embedded Planet Form Strategic Partnership

Network Allies and Embedded Planet Form Strategic Partnership


Network Allies and Embedded Planet, a leading single board computer and embedded systems solution provider, have formed a strategic partnership to deliver standard off the shelf as well as custom single board computer products and embedded operating systems. In 1997, Embedded Planet pioneered the Design, Develop, and Deploy process for embedded systems engineering. This process allows its customers to take advantage of production tested, reusable product designs in all phases of system development to reduce time to market, project risk, and development costs.


Embedded Planet products help remove risk and shorten the design cycle through production tested, integrated hardware and software designs. CPU module design is becoming more complicated with advanced memory interfaces and highly integrated communications processors. Their production proven modules help OEMs eliminate the risky and time intensive design and verification of the CPU module and focus on their value added application.


Embedded Planet products provide early access to production modules for all members of the engineering team to allow for a parallel development path. Software developers get access to turnkey platforms with the operating system of their choice ready to run out of the box. Hardware developers gain access to production designs and prototyping systems to test advanced system functionality. Fully integrated software and hardware platforms simplify and shorten the development cycle.


Embedded Planet products are ready to go to market today. Their designs are production proven and ready to be manufactured in quantity. Embedded Planet products are manufactured in an ISO-9002 certified facility and 100% tested resulting in high quality and high confidence. They offer full lifecycle management to simplify the deployment of your embedded solution.