Network Appliance Company

Network Appliance Company

The Company was founded in 1986, and is a leading provider of solutions for application and network performance management. Its best-in-class solutions address: application performance management, network performance management, and network R&D. Its technology has been operationally proven in thousands of customer environments worldwide, including corporate and government enterprises, defense agencies, network service providers, and network equipment manufacturers.


  • Platform Interoperability with Application-Specific Network Adaptor
  • Need for Worldwide Certifications of Turnkey Platform
  • Same Day Delivery Response for New Orders
  • Need for Large Proof-of-Concept (POC) Pool
  • No Experience in Deployment of Hardware Worldwide

SOLUTIONS Provided by Network Allies

  • Platform Interoperability Testing
  • Manage Certification Process (Including China)
  • Build to Forecast and Warehousing  Agreement
  • Manage POC Pool Including Refurbished Units
  • Manage Drop-Shipping Program and Deployment Process


The solutions provided by Network Allies have been an instrumental component of the Company’s growth to over $170M in revenue since going public in 2000.  This partnership began in 2008, and has allowed the Company to acquire companies and technologies that have enhanced their software solutions portfolio and expedited the time-to-market of their software solutions.

As its “virtual hardware division”, Network Allies has enabled the Company to seamlessly deploy eight different product offerings on hardware platforms configured to optimize overall product performance. Network Allies and the Company continue to be engaged, allowing the Company to focus on its core competencies and reduce its total cost of ownership.