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Great Bay Software, Inc.

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Great Bay Software, Inc.

Great Bay Software, Inc., headquartered in Dover, NH, was founded in 2004 with the intent of improving the deployment, administration, and management of 802.1X in Enterprise networks. Great Bay's Beacon Endpoint Profiler has been referred to as the de facto standard for discovering, provisioning, and monitoring non-EAP hosts, also known as non-NAC endpoints and/or non-responsive hosts.



  • Start-up software company with a small operations staff
  • Quality and delivery issues with current hardware platform and vendor
  • Needed a hardware partner that can team seamlessly with a software developer
  • Deliver quality product on-time that meets end-user expectations
SOLUTIONS provided by Network Allies:
  • Designed in Intel 1U server with 3 year warranty (including advanced warranty replacement of Intel parts) and worldwide certifications
  • Selected and supplied hardware for next generation product with longer life and greater control of End-of-Life
  • Planned and managed consigned materials based on forecast requirements
  • Planned and managed evaluation and depot support pool
  • Delivered private branded systems and packaging to end-user

The solutions provided by Network Allies have been an instrumental component of the growth and success of Great Bay.  As a result of Network Allies involvement, Great Bay's Beacon Endpoint Profiler is now leveraged by the industry- leading 802.1X, IT Security, and NAC vendors including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Symantec. Network Allies began working with Great Bay in December 2007, and has provided over $2M in solutions to-date, allowing Great Bay to focus on its core competencies and reduce its total cost of ownership.