Mazu Networks, Inc.

Mazu Networks, Inc.

Mazu Networks, Inc. was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It offers solutions that enable IT organizations to manage, secure, and optimize the availability and performance of business services.

Its flagship product, Mazu Profiler, is a network behavior analysis system that offers behavioral analytics, user identification and application fingerprinting, role-based presentation, and intelligent operation with other systems in the infrastructure to support new and ongoing IT initiatives, including application performance management, WAN management, data center consolidation, and security and compliance.


  • Start-up company with one-person operations staff
  • Needed physical space for inventory and finished product
  • Needed hardware supplier and system integrator
  • Required same day delivery for new orders
  • Needed large evaluation product pool

SOLUTIONS Provided by Network Allies

  • Built systems to forecast
  • Stocked finished product and inventory
  • Managed large evaluation pool
  • Selected hardware for next generation product with longer life
  • Loaded software and conducted final acceptance tests


The solutions provided by Network Allies were an instrumental component of the growth and eventual success of Mazu Networks. With the methodical and cost-effective approach brought by Network Allies, Mazu had a "vehicle" to rapidly integrate and deploy its product. This partnership led to the rapid growth and eventual acquisition of Mazu in 2009 by Riverbed Technology for approximately $50M.