Sonexis was founded in 2001, and is a leading provider of in-house audio and web conferencing platforms for the enterprise. Its flagship product, ConferenceManager, has set new standards for ease of use and security. Designed to work within existing voice and data networks, hundreds of leading organizations have deployed ConferenceManager with minimal cost, effort or administration. Sonexis is a subsidiary of Compunetix, Inc. with headquarters in Monroeville, PA and a technology center in Tewksbury, MA.


  • Start-up company with one-person operations staff
  • Quality issues with current hardware platform
  • Needed hardware supplier and system integrator
  • Custom Analog DSP board to be integrated in platform
  • Required 72 hour delivery for new orders to end customers

SOLUTIONS Provided by Network Allies

  • Installed the DSP board, loaded software, and conducted final acceptance tests
  • Designed in Intel 2U server with 3 year warranty (including advanced warranty replacement of Intel parts) and worldwide certifications
  • Selected and supplied hardware for next generation product with longer life and greater control of End-of-Life
  • Planned and managed consigned materials based on forecast requirements
  • Built systems to match customer forecasts and shipped to end customers


The solutions provided by Network Allies have been an instrumental component of the growth and success of Sonexis. As its “virtual hardware division”, Network Allies has enabled Sonexis to seamlessly deploy its 18 product offerings on a hardware platform configured to optimize overall system performance. This partnership began in 2007 and led to rapid growth and the acquisition of Sonexis by Compunetix in 2008. Network Allies continues to be engaged with Sonexis, and has provided over $2M in solutions to-date, allowing Sonexis to focus on its core competencies and reduce its total cost of ownership.