Digital Security and Surveillance

Digital Security and Surveillance

Digital security and surveillance (DSS) is a $40 billion industry with a compound annual growth rate of 9-12% according to IMS Research. The industry is rapidly shifting from legacy analog systems to networked intelligent DSS solutions designed to support multiple streams of high-definition IP video. Upgrading from Analog to IP:

  • Improves reliability and manageability
  • Simplifies resources for monitoring activities
  • Consolidates traditionally separate systems for greater cost-efficiency
  • Leverages customizable video-generated data analytics
  • Provides a scalable solution

In today’s world, digital surveillance is about more than just security. The latest surveillance solutions are also intelligent and designed to help drive business decisions. These decisions affect staffing requirements, where to place promotional products and traffic flow conditions, etc. Applications for surveillance solutions include:

Security and Loss Prevention

  • Reduce theft and fraud
  • Limit property damages
  • Minimize safety threats
  • Immediately identify emergencies
  • Monitor personnel
  • Support safety audits

Business Operations Optimization

  • Maximize daily operations (for example: calculate appropriate staffing level)
  • Optimize store layout (for example: in-store heat map analysis)
  • Automate access control activities

Business Growth Through Better Customer Understanding

  • Know your clients (for example: real-time customer shopping behavioral analysis)
  • Track marketing efforts (for example: customer shopping behavior analysis vs. sales out data)

Intelligent DSS solutions consist of an ever-expanding range of Digital Video Recorders from Entry-Level DSS solutions with Intel® Atom™ processors to Enterprise DSS Solutions for use in public infrastructure, large retailers, and other installations with 1,000 or more cameras. Enterprise DSS solutions require robust processing for advanced video management and analytics, secure networking, and centralized and cloud-based storage. Intelligent DSS system components also include:

  • Networked IP Cameras - IP network cameras can provide up to 16 times the resolution of traditional analog cameras with high dynamic range for areas of variable illumination. The falling price curve of HD network cameras and the increasing adoption of open standards are accelerating the migration to IP network video surveillance.
  • Video Management Software (VMS) - The advent of open-platform software in video surveillance is transforming the market segment. Open VMS applications include external APIs that allow developers to add functionality and versatility to DSS, giving users the advantages of choice, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Video Content Analytics - Video content analysis provides real-time alert and response without the need for human intervention, resulting in more efficient operations, increased business intelligence, and informed decision making.

Intelligent DSS systems can support advanced video management applications and real-time software-based analytics that enable event-triggered alerts, intelligent traffic control, mobile surveillance, and business intelligence. When integrated with building facility systems, an intelligent DSS system is capable of identifying an unauthorized visitor and sending a SMS message to security, while locking adjacent doors and controlling overhead cameras to follow the intruder.

About the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance: Network Allies is a Solutions Integrator in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. From modular components to market-ready Digital Security and Surveillance systems, Intel and the 200+ global member companies of the Alliance provide the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security that application developers need to create smart, connected systems. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market Digital Security and Surveillance solutions to increase sales and efficiency.