Network Communications

Network Communications

Network security computer appliances

Network communications systems meet the demanding requirements of compute-intensive applications including cryptography, data compression, pattern matching and packet processing from data centers to enterprise networks. Deliver the most advanced data security solutions with Intel® processors that support these compute-intensive applications.

Take advantage of Intel® QuickAssist Technology, a set of software and hardware modules that accelerate bulk encryption, data compression and other workloads, supported by Intel® Atom™ through Intel® Xeon® processors to:

  • Accelerated platform performance
  • Complete top-to-bottom performance scalability
  • Open, standards-based architecture

Network Allies and Napatech, the leading OEM supplier of Ethernet network acceleration adapters, have collaborated to provide application-ready Network Appliance Platforms based on Intel® Xeon® Sandy Bridge processors in 1U – 4U Rackmount Servers. With Network Allies, you can deliver a network software application as a private-branded or name-branded appliance and customized to your customers’ specifications, including NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) - compliant systems for telecommunications providers.