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        Computer System Logistics and Support        

Network Allies offers our ISV and OEM customers a comprehensive suite of logistics and support services for the complete deployment of any computer system. Our logistics and support services address the full supply chain — from our suppliers to your customers — to minimize and manage risk. Our support services include sustained and custom computer engineering throughout the entire product life cycle, such as product maintenance planning, warranty analysis, maintenance, depot repair, and end-of-life (EOL) planning — all necessary to ensure that your system is optimally supported.

Network Allies is a Solutions Integrator in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, a global ecosystem of 200+ member companies providing the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security that application developers need to create smart, connected systems. Our computer system logistics and support services include:

Our logistics and support services are customized for each computer system to meet your specific requirements. You benefit from a competitive advantage in the go-to-market process and stable production with the flexibility to migrate smoothly to the latest technology. With Network Allies, you can focus on your core competencies and outsource non-core functions to us.

Supply Chain Management

Network Allies provides specialized supply chain management services and distribution of high-quality components, systems, and materials to enable our ISV and OEM customers to deliver application-specific computing solutions to the end-user. With our supply chain experience and partnerships, your products get to market faster and more efficiently.

We are committed to helping you achieve high performance throughout your supply chain. We offer global industry expertise and skills in supply chain strategy, sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning, manufacturing, product design, fulfillment, and service strategy and operations to supplement your supply chain capabilities. We work with you to implement innovative consulting and outsourcing solutions that support your business objectives, optimize global operations, and enable profitable product launches.

Our supply chain management services address both domestic and global operations. We have strong relationships with vendors and years of supply chain management experience, delivering solutions for customers who need time-sensitive and cost-effective supply chain operations that are essential to your overall ROI and market leadership. With best-in-class support services and a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, we create and implement a supply chain management program that will both optimize your supply chain operations and reduce your overall procurement costs.

Onsite Deployment

With onsite deployment services from Network Allies, ISVs and OEMs rely on our expertise for deploying your systems onsite for either hosted or end-user customer sites. Our turnkey deployment services provide the technical support and global resources needed for a prompt and cost-effective installation that meets the specific requirements of your customers. Our services provide a deployment solution to complement your current staffing, reduce your expenses, and enable upgrades to the latest technologies.

Through our deployment services, we assume responsibility for the installation and training at the end-user's site. We also oversee ongoing monitoring of the installation. We are experienced in remote operations deployment, using local resources, and providing overall program monitoring and management. Our skilled professionals simplify the deployment process, resulting in significant time and cost savings for our customers

Global Logistics

Network Allies assumes all aspects of domestic and international logistics for OEMs and ISVs that ship computing systems to customers throughout the world. We manage all of your inventory, warehousing, shipping, and system refurbishment requirements. For volume production, we provide distribution services that eliminate your need to stock and handle finished goods. We stock and store products in anticipation of your end-user customer orders, reducing your overhead costs and on-site storage requirements.

We understand international shipping requirements and trade guidelines and provide global drop-shipping around the world. We select the best and most cost-effective shipping method for your needs, and provide the option of standard or overnight freight carriers. We provide just-in-time deliveries or critical, end-of-quarter shipments, supporting individual units or bulk orders. At Network Allies, we manage the entire logistics process of stocking, delivery, repair, and replacement of your systems.

International shipping also requires the management of necessary global shipment documents and processes so that orders can be delivered efficiently anywhere in the world, including order entry, tracking, and management; preparation of shipping documentation; and tracking correspondence with customers and carriers. We manage all paperwork for international transactions and identify certified customs brokers or fiscal representatives to represent you and oversee the safe and timely delivery of cross-border shipments.

Sustained Engineering

As part of our comprehensive engineering services, Network Allies provides sustained engineering for system modifications due to changes in end-user requirements, software updates or fixes, or part obsolescence. Our sustained engineering services give you the flexibility to modify products and update designs without affecting ongoing production. When you report a problem or vulnerability, our engineers will help you triage it and then develop and test the appropriate fix or update. We will also work with you on the best solution for releasing the fix or update to your customers.

Though our sustained engineering services, our engineers provide ongoing support for upgrades and modifications to systems that have been released for manufacturing. All design plans and documentation are archived, and the sustained engineering process begins for the released version. Concurrently, development can begin on the next version while our sustained engineering team continues to support the current version.

End-of-Life Surveillance

At Network Allies, we understand that End-of-Life (EOL) surveillance is critical for lifetime product support and success. Managing the EOL process avoids production bottlenecks and ensures a smooth transition to the latest technologies. We can assist you in EOL planning, engaging reputable, top-tier suppliers and testing to substantiate the origin of your products. We work closely with these suppliers to maintain a blueprint for products slated for ceases in production and deemed as EOL.

We provide you with advance notice of all hardware components with EOL status, adhering to strict ECO/ECN processes. We implement alerts for every component having an EOL date and provide a minimum of 90-days advance notification to you, allowing ample time to determine the appropriate replacement and migration plans. We then ensure that the performance of the replacement component is acceptable. If needed, we purchase and hold inventory to extend the longevity of your existing platform.  We also explore opportunities for maintaining an EOL inventory at a reduced cost.

RMA and Repair Depot

Network Allies processes Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) and serves as the repair depot for our ISV and OEM customers. By capturing critical quality data and implementing a field logistics strategy based on targeted response times, our repair and "spares" program responds quickly to in-the-field product failures to provide greater end-user customer satisfaction. Our RMA and depot repair services provide you with global reach, operational scalability, flexibility, and control over system returns. We resolve system problems with minimal downtime, and provide detailed reports of RMA activity, including reported failures, failure analysis, and return shipping information.

In addition to processing returned products, we also provide full RMA refurbishing for evaluation systems. We use best practices to recover assets and uncover hidden value for our customers. Our refurbishment process restores evaluation systems to like-new condition, extending their life cycle and ensuring that your customers always receive the latest versions with appropriate accessories, documentation, and packaging.

To download our Return Material Authorization Policy, which includes instructions on how to request an RMA number, click on the following link:

Network Allies RMA Request Instructions Network Allies RMA Request Instructions (61 KB)