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Global Logistics & Support


Network Allies offers our customers a comprehensive suite of logistics and support services for the complete deployment of any computer system. Our logistics and support services address the full supply chain — from our suppliers to your customers — to minimize and manage risk. Our support services include sustained engineering throughout the entire product life cycle, such as warranty, maintenance, depot repair, and end-of-life (EOL) planning — all necessary to ensure that your system is optimally supported.

Our logistics and support services are customized for each customer to meet your specific requirements. You benefit from a competitive advantage in the go-to-market process and stable production with the flexibility to migrate smoothly to the latest technology. With Network Allies, you can focus on your core competencies and outsource non-core functions to us.

Global Logistics

Network Allies assumes ownership of all your domestic and international logistics needs. We understand the importance, and challenges, for OEMs and ISVs to be able to ship their products around the world and in a timely manner, which is why we take on the stress and hassle for you. We manage all inventory, warehousing, shipping, and system refurbishment requirements. We also stock and store products in anticipation of end-user customer orders, reducing your overhead costs and on-site storage requirements.

Our team is proficient in international shipping requirements and provides global drop-shipping around the world. We select the best and most cost-effective shipping method for your needs and offer either standard or overnight freight carriers. In a time crunch? No problem! We provide just-in-time deliveries or critical, end-of-quarter shipments, supporting individual units or bulk orders. At Network Allies we manage the entire logistics process of stocking, delivery, repair, and replacements of your systems.

Sustained Engineering

As part of our comprehensive engineering services, Network Allies provides sustained engineering for system modifications due to changes in end-user requirements, software updates or fixes, or part obsolescence. Our sustained engineering services give you the flexibility to modify products and update designs without affecting ongoing production. When you report a problem or vulnerability, our engineers will help you triage it and work with you on the best solution for releasing the fix or update to your customers.

In addition, our engineers provide ongoing support for upgrades and modifications to systems that have been released for manufacturing. All design plans and documentation are archived, and the sustained engineering process begins for the released version. Concurrently, development can begin on the next version while our engineering team continues to support the current version.

End-of-Life Surveillance

At Network Allies, we understand that End-of-Life (EOL) surveillance is critical for lifetime product support and success. Managing the EOL process avoids production bottlenecks and ensures a smooth transition to the latest technologies.

We provide you with advance notice of hardware components with EOL status, adhering to strict ECO/ECN processes. We work with your engineers to ensure that the performance of the replacement component is acceptable. If needed, we purchase and hold inventory to extend the longevity of your existing platform.  

RMA and Repair Depot

Network Allies processes Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) and serves as the repair depot for our customers. By capturing critical quality data and implementing a field logistics strategy based on targeted response times, our repair and "spares" program responds quickly to in-the-field product failures to provide greater end-user customer satisfaction. Our RMA and depot repair services provide you with global reach, operational scalability, flexibility, and control over system returns. 

To download our Return Material Authorization Policy, which includes instructions on how to request an RMA number, click on the following link:

Network Allies RMA Request Instructions Network Allies RMA Request Instructions (61 KB)