OEM Manufacturering

OEM Manufacturering


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) around the world face increasing challenges and global competitiveness. Their customers are demanding more solutions and greater value; increased competition is affecting profit margins; ever-changing computer technology results in shorter product life cycles; costs are escalating; and more productivity is expected with less resources.

In this challenging business environment, many OEMs and ISVs have reconsidered their business models and adopted new outsourcing strategies to improve their competitive position and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Network Allies operates as the “virtual hardware division” of our OEM and ISV customers, and provides the following services to help them meet their business challenges:

Functioning as a direct extension of our customer’s engineering, manufacturing, quality, procurement and service teams, our capabilities extend over the entire product life cycle. As a result, our customers are able to focus on their core competencies and reduce their TCO by:

  • Reducing and controlling overhead costs - From an operations standpoint, Network Allies absorbs the shocks of market demand fluctuations and provides our customers with lower and consistent overhead costs that are independent of market cycles.
  • Focusing resources on core competencies - Network Allies enables our customers to redirect company resources toward their core competencies – the higher-value activities that offer a greater return on investment. By focusing resources on their core competencies, our customers can enhance their competitive advantage and increase market share.
  • Eliminating major capital expenditures - Network Allies eliminates unnecessary capital equipment expenditures (equipment, tools and facilities) and provides our customers with a more cost-effective solution by allocating these costs over each production unit.
  • Saving on manpower and training costs - Our customers can manage labor force size and skills more effectively. With Network Allies operating as a “virtual hardware division”, our customers are no longer responsible for training and supervising these specialized employees, and are in a better position to control labor costs regardless of changing economic conditions.
  • Increasing flexibility and agility - Network Allies enables our customers to be more agile and rapidly address changes in market demand and direction. Our core competency in building application-specific computing systems provides our customers with key resources to make quick and appropriate adjustments. The ability and flexibility to make adjustments and scale accordingly is a distinct competitive advantage.

Network Allies is a Solutions Integrator in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 200+ global member companies of the Alliance provide the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security that application developers need to create smart, connected systems. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions.