Concerned About Supply Chain & Lead Times? We Have You Covered.

October 2, 2020

Network Allies has the experience & resources to help keep your business running.

As businesses fight to stay afloat in this “new normal”, the last things they need to be worrying about are product lead times and a reliable supply chain. When you partner with us, we take on much of that burden for you.

At Network Allies, we assign each customer to an experienced and dedicated Program Manager, who serves as the liaison between customer and supplier. The Program Manager maintains constant communication between all parties while working around the clock to ensure timely deliveries and meeting our customers’ requirements.

In addition, our MLA (Manufacturing Liability Agreement) allows us to stock product for our customers in advance, which minimizes or eliminates the impacts on components that have longer lead times due to COVID-19. This gives everyone added assurance, keeps our supply chain full, and customer schedules intact.

Program Management Services

Our Program Managers serve as the primary point of coordination between the engineering, procurement, manufacturing, quality, and service teams of the two organizations. As a result, we perform as the “virtual hardware division” for our customers.

Network Allies is engaged over the entire product life cycle, which enables our customers to focus on their core competencies and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership. For more information contact our sales team today.

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